Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Culture Example

Essays on The Culture Term Paper Damoya Hall-Reid The Culture Cultural causes of poverty discussed in the article include immigration, alcohol consumption, immoral behavior drug dealing and prostitution, laziness, lack of hard work and inappropriate consumption (Battistoni 1). The structural factors that cause poverty includes lack of economic growth, increased unemployment, discrimination and separation of people based on their characteristics, globalization and loss of jobs, low paid wages and lack of educational opportunities.2. Blame the victim theory of poverty states that those who are poor should be held responsible for being poor because they indulge in activities due to which they continue to live in poverty. For example poor individuals are believed to be lazy and they do not work hard and due to this they remain poor. Blame the system theory of poverty states that it is the government that has caused poverty to exist as they fail to provide enough educational and employment opportunities to the poor. 3. T he term dependency culture states that individuals remain poor because they are too lazy to work hard and they depend on the social welfare opportunities offered by the government instead of taking up jobs. On the other hand the article states that individuals do not take up jobs and remain dependent on the government because there are not enough jobs and remaining dependent on the government is a way to cope with poverty. 4. Poverty can be decreased in United States if the government provides free or subsidized college and university level education to individuals belonging to poor family backgrounds. Furthermore, the government should even make sure that these poor individuals have access to job opportunities along with education so they can study and earn money at the same time to win bread and butter for their families. Works CitedBattistoni, Alyssa. The â€Å"Culture Of Poverty† Myth Returns. N.p., 2010. Web. 16 Apr. 2015.

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