Tuesday, February 11, 2020

PROPOSE A SOLUTION Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

PROPOSE A SOLUTION - Research Paper Example However, in light of this, humans form part of the world and are, therefore, included in the legal system governing Mother Nature. For this reason, the rights of the earth are followed for the nature, but not for the benefits and value that nature and the laws have towards humans. This means that representations of the legal rights of the earth are determined by the value that nature bears independently, and without influence from the interests of humans. In addition, all aspects of nature that fall in the sphere of moral concern and moral relevance bear a considerable amount of influence on decisions made about the environment. For this reason, they are crucial for ethics that are affiliated to the environment concerning the care that all humans should give to it. This is in addition to legal action and frameworks affiliated with the environment in cases of violation of requirements put in place to safeguard the environment and all its affiliated aspects in relation to sustenance of life (Philos 316). It is for the legal status of the environment that ethics are observed to the point of passing legislation on a global scale aimed at protecting the interests of nature and its constituent parts as are similarly held for humans. This translates to individual legal representation of the earth’s interests that are similar to the universal declaration of human rights. The other aspect of environmental aspect is the religious angle affiliated to it in regard to the problems that the environment faces according to the guilt associated with it due to a number of substantial reasons. These include the destructive alliance formed by science, technology, and democracy, which have seen the destruction of the earth (environment) in the name of development. The Christian religion in the west has pioneered the destruction through cosmology, where man views himself as a separate entity from nature. In turn, this has led to the domination of the earth by man in a quest t o attain their destiny (Jenkins 284). In relation to the aspect of religion and environmental ethics, man takes himself as taking precedence over nature due to their perceived differences, which is an aspect that is condemned by some religions and especially Buddhism and the philosophies for which it stands. Buddhism, concerning environmental ethics, stands for the belief that since the world will decline it is crucial to safeguard it. It does this by showing its followers how important the different aspects of nature are to the existence of humanity thus addresses issues of ecology and the environment (Keown 97). This also occurs through the cosmic beliefs based on tradition. For this reason, Buddhism’s ethics area call for prudential measures to conserve the environment for harmonious coexistence and support life, which makes it a moral obligation to look after the environment as is the case with the universal declaration of the rights of mother earth. However, religion as a whole does not support its ethics sufficiently due to the constant conflict between issues of technology, science, and religious beliefs. Climate and resource management is also an ethical issue that affects the environment on multiple scales. This is concerning the challenges that policymakers, scientist and researchers are faced with in creating solutions to overcome environmental problems. In addition, they grapple with issues of

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