Friday, February 28, 2020

The money Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The money - Essay Example As I never witnessed any struggle for money, I thought money comes easily and could not understand why people keep pondering over the thoughts to be rich and wealthy, when it is so easy to get money! As any child of the similar status I also framed the impression that money is happiness and if I have money I am able to do anything to accomplish my aspirations. As time passed, my understanding changed. I was quite aware about myself, started perceiving things from a different outlook. My thoughts started shaping my psychology. My domain enhanced, I started meeting people belonging to different economical spheres. I met individuals not from a similar background and status but those who have witnessed the true struggle of life and have come up. They seem to be relatively mature, adaptable, full of empathy and human values. They were quite efficient and never wasted money on ineffective and worthless deeds. I discerned, their psychology was different, could be because they are being brought up in an environment where life did not show much mercy and procuring money was tough. There was another group of people who enjoyed harassing people and used to draw pleasure out of this. Money and power corrupts that I heard but this group made me an onlooker for the same. With time my knowledge about the world, circumstances and situations is enhancing and it is a continuous process, I believe this is what we call maturity. My family atmosphere never inculcated the notion and concept to misuse money for power. I observed every aspect of life from happiness to suffering of people. Watch the happenings around the world on television, read in the newspaper, what a chaos! Where are we heading? People are wealthy but do not have empathy, everyone seems to be in some rush, a haste to be wealthy, a haste to own all materialistic objects, people are obsessed. Today, inhabitants want to earn and

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